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Monochrome LED

Monochrome LED

Adtronics LED Monochrome Displays are a low cost option to full color displays and an effective and proven way to advertise and promote your business. They can deliver your sales message repeatedly, and at a fraction of the cost compared to other media. From small single line displays up to large matrix displays Adtronics has a size to fit any requirement.

Our Displays are easy to install, configure and operate. They use power efficiently, are low maintenance, and feature the brightest, longest-lasting LEDs in the industry. Even in direct sunlight these displays will attract attention and draw customers to your business. Exciting software options allow you to easily create dynamic attention-getting messages and our reliability insures you of an effective and virtually maintenance free marketing investment. The installation process is quick and our team of experts are available at any time to answer your questions.

Adtronics offers:

  • Performance

    Adtronics Displays use state-of-art LED lamps combined with superior design and fabrication to provide high definition, sharp contrast, dazzling brightness, and wide viewing angles.

  • Reliability

    Adtronics Displays' use of weather proof exterior cabinets and high quality components contribute to the longevity and durability of our displays.

  • Maintenance

    Adtronics modular design allows for fast problem diagnosis and repair.

  • Serviceability

    Front serviceable design for quick, convenient service.

  • Warranty

    Five-year limited factory depot parts warranty.

  • Certification

    All products meet CSA and ANSI/UL Standards.

Product Overview

  • Top quality LED components for long life and reduced maintenance expenditures.
  • Character sizes: 2.75”, 4.4”, 5.5” and 7”
  • Long life LED technology available in Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.
  • Oval LEDs produce wide (140º) viewing angle – For increased visibility.
  • Designed to perform in direct sunlight conditions with automatic dimming to accommodate any ambient light condition.
  • All weather performance from rugged IP65 cabinet construction to silicone coated solid state circuitry.
  • Front serviceable hinged faces for quick convenient service.
  • Top grade 100,000 hour LEDs – For 10+ years operation.
  • All weather design requires no protective cover - Eliminating glare for excellent legibility
  • Extremely low power consumption – Reducing electrical costs by up to 95% compared to lamp displays
  • UV resistant materials to prevent LED degradation from sunlight
  • Flexible communication options (Wired or Wireless Ethernet, RS232, Internet or Cloud Based)
  • Experienced engineering and technical support from qualified factory technicians
  • Meet CSA and ANSI/UL Standards

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