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Traffic Management and Directional Signs

Traffic Management and Directional Signs

LED displays are the preferred method for keeping drivers informed of current conditions. In today's traffic environment, static signs are not enough. Motorists need information about current travel conditions in a timely and relevant manner.

This is the reason why traffic managers prefer LED electronic signage in order to aid in traffic flow and quickly alert drivers about current conditions. From traffic road signs, toll plaza signs, and parking lot signage we can help you from concept to completion.

LED displays are the preferred method for;
        Providing real-time traffic management, safety messages and warnings
        Effectively manageing traffic based on traffic conditions
        Promoting smooth and safe traffic flow especially during peak hours
        Displaying traffic and road conditions information effectively

Adtronics offers:

  • Towed, mobile trailers with electronic LED sign systems

    These signs are used for temporary road incident situations, such as road construction, and to  communicate messages, alerts and warnings by the roadside.

  • Toll booth and Port of Entry signage

    These signs are used to provide information about documentation, the collection fees and lane direction. It helps manage traffic funnel points near bridge and tunnel toll collection points, ferry terminals and Customs Ports of Entry.

  • Vehicle activated speed signs

    These types of signs deliver speed data and road safety messages direct to the driver. They alert drivers about their true speed and can optionally display feedback messages, such as "Slow down" to those exceeding the limit.

  • Parking Garage signs

    These types of signs are are used to provide information about number and location or parking spaces, lane direction, and fee collection. They help manage traffic funnel points and keep traffic moving throughout the facility.

Product Overview

  • LEDs command the attention of drivers and improve message retention.
  • High Visibility under all weather and light conditions.
  • Weatherproof enclosures to protect against outside elements.
  • Solar powered LED signs are eco-friendly.
  • LED life expectancy over 100,000 hours.
  • Fast, easy installation and set-up.
  • Can be customized to meet your specifications.

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