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Transparent Window Displays

Transparent Window Displays

Transparent LED Window Displays are the latest technology in LED display and video technology. It allows for a high resolution LED display to be placed in a window without blocking visibility. Being transparent, it allows people to see through the screen and allows light to still enter the building through the window.

Transparent LED Displays are made up of LEDs attached to a thin support frame that cannot be seen from a distance, which give it an invisible look. Displays can be designed to either be a floor or ceiling mounted and can be made to any size.

High resolution graphics and exceptional transparency give the impression of your LED display literally floating in thin air, to grab attention and communicate your message.

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate storefront display for your restaurant, theater, museum or retail space a high resolution a Transparent LED Display will deliver eye-catching graphics and advertising to grab your customers' attention and keep them coming back.

Any size, shape and configuration is possible: Get in touch to find out how our Transparent LED Displays can elevate your business and put it front and center of your customers’ attention.

Product Overview

  • High transparency: up to 85% on transparency makes the leds almost invisible at a distance.
  • Flexible installation methods for various projects.
  • Light-weight for easy installation.
  • Can be installed without a sign permit.
  • No need for any mounting structure.
  • High light transmittance.
  • Up to 6000 nits brightness for outdoor viewing in direct sunlight.

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